Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Shit Happens

Yes indeed! Shit happens. I have decided to join the blogging world after seeing all of my sister's post about my baby niece, Noelle. I have found myself wanting to write down a lot of my thoughts lately. However, most of my memorable thinking pops up during my workouts. OH NO,  ya'll are probably thinking. Dennis is starting a FITNESS blog. No, that's actually not the case. You are obviously reading this because you found yourself clicking the link. Curious enough to click the link, so I'll make  worth your while. This blog will  have a lot of readings about fitness, but ultimately this will be my diary. Most likely the majority of my post will happen right after the gym, but that is totally irrelevant. Like I said early, I just happen to think more at the gym. I hope ya'll enjoy these short reads I will be posting regularly!

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