Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back on Track!

Nothing like a 5 AM workout! Today was my first day back after having two days off consecutively, which hasn't happen lately. I find myself training a lot harder when my body is already in the groove. So today was my intro-day back into my routine. There are a lot of people who tend to take their first day back lightly, which doesn't make much sense to me. If you are training frequently enough to the point where you know your body, you should hit your days back even harder then any other day. You had time off for your body to recover and if you are really on track with your scheduling, you should be maximizing all gym time. I will go over my split on my next post to better understand what I am saying.

I decided to have a field day on my 'gainz' this morning. My last session was with chest and abs, so I decided to hit back and legs. I woke up around 4:30 AM, with nothing in my stomach but my pre-workout. I like to live life dangerously. Legs today was more about pumps then anything. The last two leg workouts I've had were heavy leg days. Back was my primary focus today so I hit that a lot harder(obviously).

5 x failure Hammer-strength Leg Curls (2 warm up sets)
5 x failure Hammer-strength Leg Extensions (2 warm up sets)

5 x 10-12 Lat Pulldowns

4 x 10 T-bar Rows
superset w/ 4 x 12 Iso-lat Pull-downs (underhand)

5 x 8 Cable Rows

3 x 12 Hammer-strength High Rows
3 x 12 Hammer-strength Low Rows

I started off with leg extensions, trying to warm my body up. I tend to wear a hoodie in the morning because the gym is freezing, even if the weather is hot. After finishing the extensions, I jumped onto the cable lat pull-downs. I had 2 warm up sets with rep range around 12-15, immediately starting my working sets. I pretty much pre-exhausted my lats, so I went start to the t-bar and superset it with iso-lat pull-downs. Stretching out and resetting is crucial with the iso-lat pull-down! Austin helped me out with correcting my form a while back. I tend to keep it under tension, but the solid pumps comes from the reset. You will noticed your lat activating a lot better and will start to develop a much rounder lat.

My back was thickening out, so I decided to finish legs out with leg curls. I threw on a good amount of weight and just started to rep out. I love the way the hamstring contracts! Just like flexing your biceps but with a much larger muscle. If you tend to show off your guns, I hope your foundation pars up!

Finished the curls and went to cable rows. Focused on the squeeze and form. I changed the range of motion and my positioning so the last 2 sets really focused on my lower back. Went straight to high rows to finish out my workout but decided to throw in low rows since it was sitting right next to me.

Good Workout! This session was just the right approach to this upcoming week. Last week was my birthday week and got a lot done! Ana and I got an amazing living room set for an extremely inexpensive price. It was the couch I really wanted right before the car accident, but with the matching love set and 6 more pieces! Ana bought me GTA 5, which I couldn't believe because It will now destroy my social life. Dinner was at Maggiano's with many great friends. I appreciate all of my friends for the birthday wishes and calls. Ana's little sister Katty even called! Sweetest 10 year-old ever! I am excited to hear back from full-line and for Ana as she is applying for a management role. We are finally back on track with our lives after the accident and I am excited to see how this year finish out!


  1. Excited for you man. GTA V top game. So i'm going to end up posting all of my fitness related stuff on here as well. New golds membership. Started doing a Bill Starr 5x5 routine. 1st day:
    Squats - 140lbs 5x5
    Bench Press - 110lbs 5x5
    Bent Row - 110lbs 5x5
    Supplements: 1 serving NO explode pre-workout, 72g Cyto Sport 100% Whey post-workout, Multivitamin, 4g fish oil, 400 IU V D3.

    Feels good to be back at golds.

  2. Props for making this Dennis, I was on Fitocracy for a long time, place got boring. How have you been man? How are the lifts? New job too? Seeing all of this GTAV shit depresses me, lol. gonna have to wait for a cracked version. Did you take time off from golds keith? Oh and funny side note you can buy pharmacy grade roids here but actual supplements like whey cost a fortune. I got tyler bulked to nearly 200lbs, he's benching 2 plate easy and hit 4 plate deadlift. you wouldn't recognize him. Miss gyming with you bros. :(

    1. Been good man. Just been doing the usual stuff but with the right mindset. I am still at nordstrom but I am about to become a lp agent. Lifting has been great! Been doing more hyperthropy training then strength in the last 4 months. GTA online went live yesterday so a friend of mine and I are gonna be exploring shit together. Really great game, should order it. Ill believe ya about tyler with a new facebook photo lol

  3. What are your guys take on shrugs? I've found deadlifts actually built my traps more than any amount of dumbbell/barbell shrugs. What are you doing for triceps these days Dennis? Million questions, I don't get to talk fitness much here....