Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 1 of 90 Day Cut/Progression Check| Actions over EVERYTHING

Hello fellow readers and bloggers,

Today was my first day on a 90 day challenge that I have committed to myself. Last year, I was very much on track with my progressions, going from a 200lb winter bulk to a 185lb cut. However, it was not the results I wanted. I fell off of a consistent 4-5 day per week sessions to just 3 days a week post-seizure due to not wanting to exert mental and physical stresses. I have been doing push/pull days along with leg day, a mere 3 day split. I will be doing just a 4 day split now, emphasizing on a Chest/Tri day, Back/Bi Day, Shoulder/Upper Mobility day (throw arms into it once in a while for those pumps), and a Leg/Mobility day. I will incorporate abs into every other workout, continuing to make profession in the mid-section. I am currently sitting anywhere from 184-187lb, going to slowly cut down to ideally 175lbs. When it comes to shredding, it is all an illusion guys.

Day 0 Ab Check

5 x 8-12 Barbell Bench Press (Including 2 Warm-up sets)

4 x 8 Hammer-Strength Incline Bench Press (Double Drop set on last set)

4 x 12 Seated Cable Chest Flyes

3 x 10 Kneeling Landmine Chest Press

3 x 12-15 Upward Cable Crossovers

4 x 10 Hammer-Strength Decline Chest Press (Double Drop set on last set)

2 x 10-12 Rope Triceps Extensions
supetset w/2 x 10-12 Single arm Triceps Extensions

I started off by doing a quick 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill just to get my heart rate to fall under the training zone, immediately following a 5 minute upper mobility warm-up. I usually do both dumbbell and cable internal and external rotations of the shoulder to help loosen my rotator cuffs along with the muscles around my shoulder girdle, due to my ROM (Range of motion) being rather tight due to many years of heavy pressing. This has helped tremendously due to large emphasize of this weak area for the last 6-9 months.I finished off with a quick cable abduction with some light weight shrugs from the front, side, and back.

I am not at my strongest due to lack of barbell benching the last 9 months. This is a huge mistake, due to it being a compound movement. I felt really weak doing the barbell press, however, I recognize this and will be incorporating alot more of this throughout my 90 days. All of the other lifts were rather easy, falling anywhere from 70-85% intensity. A lot of people think intensity is how we approach the weights and the amount of effort. This is somewhat true, but in terms of what a personal trainer is talking, it it the percentage compare to our one-rep max. Finished with some triceps movement due to the muscle already being activated throughout the session. No more than 1 minute of rest in between sets, with the workout only lasting 55ish minutes.

This is going to be a big year, I PROMISE not just myself but to all of you that are reading this. Too many people play the blame game not just in the gym, but in life in general. It is the actions that we take EVERYDAY that will determine the outcome of tomorrow. Don't look for excuses, look for the reasons why we must take our actions today, rather then tomorrow. How many successful people do you know just sit around and wait for 'greatness' or 'success' to fall into their laps? None. I know a lot of people that blame 'the government' for why they can't find a good paying job. These are the same people that are applying for WELFARE. You are blaming the government for your lack of job placement yet you are trying to receive money from them? This is a huge problem in our society now a days. Too many people blame others, instead of themselves. Those who take accountability for their actions are more likely to succeed then those who do not. So when it comes to achieving the body that you want, or the wealth that you dream about, take action today, rather then ask 'why' tomorrow. Stay persistent whether it be at the gym or at work. Success doesn't happen overnight.

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